If you can’t have your office cleaning done by a professionally-trained service, here is some guidance for you to get started. The most important thing initially is to get yourself organized by gathering the necessary supplies.

Assemble equipment, mops and buckets, sponges, cleaners, microfiber cloths, rags, brushes or anything else that might be necessary for your office cleaning. When cleaning “green,” include those specific cleaners, along with rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

Group Of Janitors In Uniform Cleaning The Office With Cleaning Equipment’s

An experienced office cleaning service includes dusting and glass cleaning, disinfecting, vacuuming, and wet mopping with each servicing. Start with office electronics as they can attract dust like magnets. Be careful with computer screens and monitors, as they are easily damaged. Be delicate when cleaning them with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber is always preferable to other types of rags because it doesn’t scratch surfaces and doesn’t leave any lint behind.

Glass cleaners should never be used on computer screens because they strip the anti-glare coating from surfaces. Lightly wipe down the screen with the microfiber cloth when the electronic surface is off. Condensed air sprays from office stores can be like magic when dusting a keyboard. A cotton ball dampened with rubbing alcohol is perfect for wiping down the keys. Disinfect the computer mouse and other accessories.

Follow up with dusting. Wipe down the surfaces of desks and cabinets or shelving units. Desks, tables, chairs, and any other wooden objects should be polished to help maintain a professional shine. Be sure to pick up and move items so the surface is fully cleaned without streaks.

Clean up telephones and calculators thoroughly with a disinfectant wipe or spray disinfectant on the clean microfiber cloth you will use. Remember to dust all vents, ledges, window sills, door jambs and overhead fans. Clean up sinks and wipe down wall-mounted paper towel dispensers with disinfectant spray or wipes.

Trash cans will need to be emptied and all garbage liners replaced. Windows and any other glass surfaces should be cleaned with glass cleaner, being sure to remove marks and fingerprints. Use the vacuum around desks and chairs, moving furniture as you go in each cubicle. Don’t forget floor mats and runners, too. Finally, wet mop the hard flooring surfaces with proper cleaners and put out caution/wet floor signs if people are working in the area.

When the office cleaning is completed, gather all supplies and equipment again, clean the mops, and get everything back into its original place. All objects and furniture should be tidied back into its place. Remove the filled garbage bags to the proper area for disposal.