Without having a commercial cleaning service on a daily basis attend to your restaurant cleaning, you and your staff will need to manage the in-between cleaning yourself. Some think that you can save money for your restaurant if you have commercial cleaning services less often, but most often, that’s not how it works. Between the lost time and headaches created, it could potentially cost you even more. Just keep in mind that clean restrooms may give your guests an impression of overall cleanliness throughout the restaurant, including the kitchen where food is prepared. Offer a systematized cleaning plan to your staff that will maintain your high cleanliness standards in between your commercial cleaning services. Here are some restroom cleaning tips to help you in between your commercial cleaning company’s visits.

  • Be organized for a better clean. You can be sure your commercial cleaning service has a checklist so that everything is sparkling and impressive by the time they are done. You and your staff can use a checklist with daily, weekly and monthly duties you expect them to do. Instruct them to tick off items when they’re completed.
  • Buy good supplies. Why waste your time with supplies that don’t even work well? Commercial cleaning services have high quality cleaners and equipment on hand so they can work efficiently. Learn from them and use advanced cleaning methods to get the job done right.
  • Let your commercial cleaning services handle the challenging work. Don’t you and your staff have other details to attend to in the restaurant? Of course you do, so leave the most challenging work to your professionals.
  • Don’t clean during peak hours. Clean during the slowest hours or before the restaurant opens or after it is closed to handle the majority of cleaning. Restrooms and high traffic areas need extra attention or spill cleanups in between, but have your staff handle the cleaning chores when there are few guests in the restaurant.
  • Have your commercial cleaning service buy the paper and cleaning supplies. It’s likely that your commercial cleaning company gets a better price on supplies, equipment, and refillable goods at bulk pricing. Don’t unnecessarily pay a higher price on soaps, towels and toilet paper if you can get it for a lesser price.

Keeping clean restrooms is important to your reputation. Follow the above tips and hire a commercial cleaning company to do most of the work for you.